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Kesav has established R&D as well as production facility for natural dye-print, reinvented the traditional Hand block [Kalamkari] technique, the Dye farm of Creative Bee attracts number of researchers and textile enthusiast from all over the world. Kesav is a qualified Artist ,done PD Graphics from MS University, Baroda, Gujarat and mastered the techniques in Designing, Painting, Print Making, Natural Dyeing & Hand Block printing. He is working with Oil on canvas, natural Dye on silk, Ink & Water colors, dry pastels & charcoal on paper. Has been showing his work within the country and abroad. www.kesavart.comCreative Bee is a Design Studio having diversified activities in the field of textile & fashion design, production and promotion of handloom and handicrafts. It was set up way back in 1998 by a professional designer couple, Mrs Bina Rao[ Bina Desai] and Mr K. Siva Kesava Rao, in the city of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mrs Bina Kesav Rao, who is head of Design Department and CEO of Creative Bee, has done her MA Fine Arts (from MS University, Baroda, Gujarat in the year 1981) and attended AEP Textile Design from 1981 to 1983 at the National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.

Professionally working as consultants for a number of Govt & Private Export Clients, they have been working towards design development, training, production & marketing of handloom & handicraft at Creative Bee, consistent R & D and designing unique handloom products for fashion and home textiles, has made Creative Bee a hub of Design & Fashion activity having a high profile local & international clientele.

Advisor on a number of state & central projects & committees of Govt of India, Ministry of Textiles and member of World Crafts Council, Bina Rao is working extensively towards healthy growth of Handloom & Handicraft Sectors of her country & South East Asia. Lectured and showed her collections at World symposiums and Museums all over the world.

Bina Rao Kesav at work
Textile enthusiast from New Zealand * taking one day demo of hand block Printing in Natural Dye, at Creative Bee (Foot Print Tours Group) Foot Print Tours Group
Textile Tour by Mr Robert Jan, group demo by Mr K.S. Rao for Black Dye ** Natural dye training program in seven Cooperative Weavers Society of Ikkat Weavers in Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh
Under Creative Bee foundation number of weavers cooperatives and clusters are given training in product diversification and technical skill upgradation, so that these traditional weavers can product contemporary designs with the same skills and on the same looms to get better marketing and livelihood


* Creative Bee foundation organizes three types of training programs and demo in hand block printing yarn and fabric dyeing with natural dyes, for more details ask for syllabus

** In this picture you can see earthen pots half buried in the ground which contains, country molasses, mixed with iron scarp and other integrants as per Rao's recipe of black. These pots are left in the hot sun, to formant for 21 days to get brilliant natural black dye.