Creative Bee

Craft Foundation

Establishment of Creative Bee Foundation

When Government saw the potential of Creative Bee’s technical expertise and marketing linkages, they extended support to set up a Common Facility center, through Mother NGO SEWA.

About 2,500 Sft land with a building & ready infrastructure, donated by Creative Bee Design Studio where the CFSC (Multi-Craft Service and Facility center– Research and Development Unit) was set up at Ghatkeshar, Andhra Pradesh. It is equipped with all kinds of semi mechanized tools to cut / slit / bend raw material for various crafts and also has sophisticated hand tools & finishing equipments for craft to get international quality.

Various crafts like wood (engraving, carving, toy-making, painting), metal (Brass, Silver Filigree, Dhokra Casting), fiber (leaf, jute, banana, sisal, water hyacinth, palm leaf), bamboo and cane are being upgraded by providing professional design & technical support at Creative Bee Foundation, presently it has 300 artisan members and one main CFSC and 2 micro centers in the villages. After the core group is trained as master trainers at the main CFSC, they go back to their village, where Creative Bee Foundation has setup Micro Common Facility center for larger group of Artisan to get training and skill up-gradation.


The developed products are sold to government and private emporiums, exporters and other buyers. The Foundation participates in exhibitions and special events are created by Creative Bee Foundation for artisan to show case their newly developed products.


The foundation plans to start scholarships and awards for excellence in crafts is being envisaged. Documentation, Short films and Documentary films on rare crafts are also on the agenda. Creative Bee Foundation is solely supported by Creative Bee, The Design Studio for its activity; support from like minded organization is welcome.