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Production processes - Hand Weaving

Creative Bee has a network of more than 400 weavers, spread all over the country. These weavers are provided with upgraded looms, raw materials and design inputs. The in-house production unit works on frame looms to produce a variety of woven fabrics in contemporary designs for apparel and furnishing products as master samples.

Designing and Weaving departments work under Mrs Bina Rao who is also associated with different organizations in the capacity of Advisor / Consultant. She has also been invited to present her papers on different subjects under Indian handlooms. This is combined with a visual presentation, display and fashion show. The presentation has been done for several design institutes & international seminars.


Hand Weaving Hand Weaving
Ikkat Weaving Ikkat Weaving

Hand Weaving Weaving at Kotpad village of Orissa District, where only less than 30 skill tribal weavers exist, they weave shawls and sarees with tribal motives in extra weft technique, the yarn dyeing is one of the rarest natural dye processes to obtain Indian red colour which is known as "Aal".

Creative Bee is working with these weavers on a project, has designed more than 200 diversified products upgraded the looms and imparted trainee to the weavers to produce high quality home linen range (See Products). This group is one of the most endangered skilled weaving, tribal community giving its last attempt to sustain by getting better market, with newer products developed by Creative Bee. Any support in this direction is appreciated.

Hand Weaving Unwinding durries loom to remove the finished large size cotton durries. It takes 30 - 40 days for two weavers to complete this design.