Creative Bee

Production Processes - Warp, Weft & Harnessing the Loom

warping mill cotton yarn is prepared for 100 Mtrs warp on this joint wheel which was with semi alternationTie dyed yarn weft for Ikkat product

Tying of weft yarn for Ikkat pattern. The comb is indigenously designed by the weavers and being used, since many generations. This tying and dyeing requires high procession and hand skill to get Ikkat pattern evenly on the cloth

Stretching of yarn dyed Indigo warp. This process requires long space which is available between the streets, in the village it takes one full day to complete the process of stretching and evenly spreading the warp yarn before it is rolled on to the beam of the loom

Tying of Ikkat pattern on warp yarn, this takes 5-7 days and usually warp is made for 100 Mtrs and more. Creative Bee Ikkat cluster is in Koyalagudam village

Final adjustment being done to achieve warp tension

Winding yarn from hank to the bobbin for warping

Fixing double Ikkat Pattern for tie, dye on weft yarn

Preparing the weft yarn