Shibori Workshops in Hyderabad

Come learn the fascinating Japanese art of Shibori - a resist technqiue that you can practice at home! Learn how to tie, fold, clamp & stitch to produce gorgeous patterns using Natural Indigo.

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Women Weaver's Ikat Market - Direct Sale

Creative Bee presents the first ever Direct Sale Ikat Market by the Women Weavers of Telangana! Here's your chance to buy their products direclty from them without mark-ups!

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Block Printing Workshops in Hyderabad

Be a part of a one-day Block Printing Workshop at the Creative Bee Dye Farm. Spend a day printing with Wood Blocks on fabrics that you can take home with you at the end of the day!

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G l i m p s e s | Natural Dyes

Get a sneak peek into our authentic Natural Dye process. Done completely by hand, just as our ancestors did. 

Our Natural Dye Process

We take a great deal of care during our dyeing and printing so that you need not worry about shrinkage or colours running. It is our end-stage steaming and washing processes, which ensure that the colours are fixed properly, that separate us from the rest. The following are the stages each and every one of our dyed and hand-printed fabrics go through on their journey to you.

Our Favourite Number

It has always been our goal to be as eco-friendly as possible and to retrace our forefathers' and foremothers' footsteps who, for centuries, manufactured stunning products while still being one with Nature. Therefore, we have always endeavoured to use ZERO electricity, cause ZERO water or soil pollution and emit ZERO carbon into the atmosphere, through all our production processes.

We are India Handloom Brand (IHB) Certified

India Handloom Brand is an initiative of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, for branding of high quality handloom products. The India Handloom Brand would be an endorsement of the high quality of the handloom products to which it is applied in terms of raw materials, processing, embellishments, weaving design and other quality parameters besides social and environmental compliances in their production for earning the trust of the customers.

- The Ministry of Textiles, Government of India